Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

 Saturday 14  November  2015



Honeydew Lawnmowers

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly mowed lawn and Honeydew Lawnmowers have you covered. Honeydew Lawnmowers has been owner managed since August 2000. During their time in the outdoor industry they have won dealer of the year four times

Tree tags

Tree Tags is an environmentally friendly organisation that supplies durable tree name tags customised to client specifications as well as descriptive creature tagssupply of large, mature trees and informative Tree books about what trees are indigenous to certain parts of South Africa. At Tree Tags we also offer a wide range of tree-related services including tree identification, talks at schools about indigenous trees, tree walk-and-talks and any other advise and info on trees

The Perfect Cup

It’s the aroma, as it moves through the air and calls you to the brew. That balance of flavour and feeling – pulling you away from your troubles. The charm and chatter, whispering sweet nothings as it meets your lips. This is the Perfect Cup.

Spider Club

The Spider Club of Southern Africa is a non-profit environmental interest group providing a fun, responsible, social learning experience, centered on spiders, their relatives and nature in general. Their aim is to encourage and develop an interest in arachnids, including spiders, scorpions, solifuges, whip-spiders, harvestmen and pseudo-scorpions, and to promote this interest and the study of these animals by all suitable means.

Sawasdee Orchids

Sawasdee is proud to be South Africa's leading importer of Thai orchids offering easy-to-grow, compact and frequent-blooming orchids. Sawasdee offers you one of the largest and most exquisite selections of Bonsai trees in South Africa.

Tree Tags

The Perfect Cup 

Jo-Da Bonsai

Thyme and Dine

Record Mad

JJ van Rensburg’s book - "Every season is your season" 

Lock it 

Mess Hall 

Black Forrest bakery

Jozi Carnivores

Design Developments 

The Brohemian

Happy Feed


Megatong Nursery Cooperative

Handyman Empire

 Garden Bleu